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Dungeon Keeper 2 Vollversion Download _TOP_ Kostenlos Deutsch

dungeon keeper 2 is a strategy game developed by bullfrog productions and published by electronic arts in 1999 for microsoft windows. the sequel to dungeon keeper, dungeon keeper 2 carries over many game-play aspects, and adds new ones. like the original, dungeon keeper 2 places the player in the role of a malignant overlord bent on world domination. the player controls the world with a hand, performing actions such as moving creatures around the map, casting spells, and interacting with specific items. all the underground lands in the kingdom must be conquered to recover the portal gems. the kingdom itself takes the form of a large table containing a 3d map where the player selects where to attack from the highlighted regions. there are twenty main levels in the campaign.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Vollversion Download Kostenlos Deutsch


all of the levels were designed from the ground up to look good in 3d. most of the game play is in a 2d space. the above space may be a "representative" map of the ground. each cell in this map is large enough to accommodate a level. a level is simply a series of two dimensional cells..the interior of the level is built up with these cells.

the player's view is of a dungeon from the perspective of a dungeon dweller. the player's view is a fully interactive 3d computerized representation of the lower part of the dungeon near the player. as the game progresses, the view will expand to the entire dungeon. the player commands the actions of other intelligent entities that inhabit the dungeon. these include monsters and other creatures, and items. the player commands these entities, and can in effect, control the game itself.


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