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[S1E1] The Sword: Part 1

The Sword: Part 1Release Information Season Episode Overall 1 1 1 Air dateNovember 13, 201818 July 2020 on CHRGDProduction Code101CreditsWriterND StevensonDirectorAdam HenryEpisode guide Next "The Sword: Part 2" The Sword: Part 1 is the first episode of Season One of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It was the first of the two-part series Netflix Premiere Special, "The Sword."

[S1E1] The Sword: Part 1


They stumble upon a village in ruins. Taken aback, Adora asks Glimmer what happened to the place. Glimmer tells her not to play dumb, and that she was probably apart of the raiding party that took part in the demolition. When Adora refuses to believe the Horde would do something like this, Glimmer takes her to a failed machine of the Horde- a Horde robot as it had the Horde logo imprinted on the robot. She calls Adora "A heartless destroyer just like all the rest of your people, but Adora still denies the Horde's role in the catastrophe. She tells her that Hordak is trying to make things better and more orderly. This remark causes Glimmer to break and she begins to shout that the Horde has been poisoning the land, burning the cities, and destroying everything in their path. Glimmer then takes off into the woods, away from the ruins. Bow tries to explain to Adora that the Horde is evil, and everyone knows it. Adora tells him that the Horde she knows rescued her as a baby, gave her a home, a purpose, and that they are her family, not an enemy.

Aniplex, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Japan, distributed the episodes in nine volumes in DVD and Blu-ray format across Japan.[9][62] Sword Art Online: Extra Edition was released on April 23, 2014, in DVD and Blu-ray limited editions, including a bonus Sword Art Offline: Extra Edition episode.[63]

During her escape, the trickster stumbles across Jang Uk, who confronts her prior to discussing her identity as Mu-deok. There, Naksu threatens to behead the successor of the Jang family but becomes flustered when her eyes are complimented. Following that, and with a gift parted with upon her exit, the embarrassed assassin rushes away. Afterward, the swordsmanship art known as Tansu is explained, leading to Jang Uk pondering who the woman he believes is Mu-deok.

At the Hall of Wisdom Captain Randor approaches the Council of Elders and warns them that Keldor's forces are moving on the capital and will soon be within the Hall of Wisdom. The Elders state that Keldor's forces will be defeated and that Captain Randor will rule Eternia as King in place of the Elders. An explosion interrupts the conversation and through the smoke emerges Keldor and his Evil Warriors. As the battle begins Captain Randor notices the Elders vanish in a flash of light. Keldor leaps towards Captain Randor and the two engage in battle. Keldor recoils and throws a tube towards Captain Randor who raises his shield and the tube smashes unleashing a corrosive liquid that splashes back onto Keldor's face. The villains depart the Hall of Wisdom. Captain Randor orders Duncan and the Masters to pursue the Evil Warriors. As he stands alone in the Hall of Wisdom Captain Randor hears a voice, that of the Sorceress. She informs Captain Randor that his masters will succeed in pushing Keldor's forces to the Dark Hemisphere, and states that when the evil returns, a hero shall emerge to protect Eternia.

As everyone stood in silent shock after Akihiko's departure, Kirito, hallucinating the papercut on his finger he had acquired just prior to entering the game, decided that since Akihiko was the genius behind the creation of NerveGear and SAO, everything the man had said had to be the truth. Dropping her Hand Mirror, a young girl reacted in fear and bumped into the player next to her, prompting everyone else to finally start panicking. While many of the other players pleaded to be released from their newfound prison, Kirito quickly took action and tried to bring Klein with him to the next nearby village, stating that the surrounding resources would soon be limited. However, Klein told him that he could not come with him, as he has some friends in real life somewhere in the plaza, and he did not want to leave them behind. Kirito realized that he could only protect one player at a time with his current skills, meaning that if Klein or one of his friends died, he would be blamed for their deaths since he was the one who had suggested to leave.

Klein noticed Kirito's worries and politely told him that he should go ahead by himself, as he planned to go back to lead and protect his friends with the lessons that Kirito had taught him. He then tried to cheer Kirito up with a joke about his slightly feminine appearance, to which Kirito retaliates by stating that Klein's unkempt face suited him better. They then parted ways. Alone by himself with no one else to depend on, Kirito ran through the town and outside the gate, vowing that he would survive in this game world and be free from the virtual imprisonment while swiftly taking out a wolf standing in his way.

By December 2, 2022, approximately a month later, 2,000 players had already died, their departed name being crossed out on the Monument of Life simultaneously, while the 1st Floor had yet to be cleared.

We get a dragon's-eye view of King's Landing, which is looking a bit more precisely rendered these days. We may be 172 years in the past, but the servers in HBO's VFX department have had four years of updates since GoT ended, and it shows.

Given the tragedy, the king's High Council is divided on whom should eventually succeed him. Corlys cites precedent and makes a case for Daemon. But others, led by Otto, maintain that Daemon is too impulsive, too ambitious, too cruel for the Iron Throne. (Daemon, for his part, is Jay Leno-ing this meeting, which is to say: He's listening in. He's not, like, driving a classic car and wearing a lot of denim. Just to be clear.)

In the ship's conference lounge, Picard discusses with Riker how during an incident on the planet Altair III, he refused to let Captain Robert DeSoto of the USS Hood beam down to the planet, seeing that a captain's life could be in danger. Picard tests him by suggesting that Riker doesn't respect a captain's authority, which Riker denies, only to state that preserving a captain's life takes priority over obeying his orders. Picard asks him if he intends to back down from that policy. Riker confidently says "No, sir." Confident in Riker's loyalty, Picard proceeds to express his discomfort with the substantial number of families and particularly children aboard the Enterprise and orders Riker's assistance in ensuring Picard project the image of geniality expected of a starship captain, to which Riker agrees. Then, Captain Picard formally welcomes Riker on board the Enterprise and shakes his hand.

Later, on the Enterprise, Riker finally meets Data in the ship's holodeck, where the android is in a forest program trying to whistle "Pop Goes the Weasel". He requests Data's participation in the away mission, to which Data agrees. They then proceed to discuss Data's background and his studies at the Academy, with Data admitting that, while superior to Humans in many ways, he would rather be Human.

Rebecca Nagle: And Councilwoman Crotty wants Navajo children to have that, to live on the land that knows them, to be part of that root structure, and to be firmly planted in who they are.

For the most part, I will direct you to where you need to be, but if you get lost or find my instructions to be confusing, consult the map in your game menu. Hovering over explored rooms with the cursor will inform you of what that room is.

Continue down the hall here, and at the next stairway area you will find a section of manuscript (we must later collect the other two parts in order for it to count) to your right. The longer table next to it has a Golden Elixir for you to grab (make sure you do!). To the left of the unexplored corridor is another book.

Head through the door when you're ready to progress. This will take you into the Library, which is simply a walkway to the Portrait Gallery. Be sure to grab a Royal Jelly from the third ladder, and a manuscript part from the sixth ladder. Right next to this is a coin also.

Scaling the edge of the nearest apartment, Kaito followed a makeshift trail over the houses and back to the sparring room's rock garden. The sliding doors were wide open. As far as he could tell, Light-Paws wasn't even there yet.

Light-Paws took a careful step forward, raising her chin slightly even as she peered down at Kaito. "Swift-Arm is waiting for you in the sakura garden. He will introduce you to your new sparring partner."

"Good." Swift-Arm turned to his side, stern eyes fixed beyond the sakura trees. "We're in need of a new sparring partner. Someone adept in skill who won't fall behind on their studies. And since you haven't moved on from general training. . ."

"The emperor has many enemies who wish her to fail," Light-Paws warned. "She needs samurai. Loyalists." She paused, voice sharpening like a blade. "Not a sparring partner more interested in filling her head with ideas about a different future."

A devil surveys the skies of Tokyo, all while Jashin-chan hosts a hotpot party with her friends. While Jashin prepares the meat, Pekora chastises herself for allowing herself to attend the party after being invited by Yurine. Noting the serendipitous as the hotpot parties that are typically held are with veggies than beef. Minos admits when asked if she could ask her parents for beef ingredients from her parents, would be considered cannibalism. The group then enjoy the hot pot until Jashin calls out Pekora for attending the party as it's for "Devils" only. Pekora retorts that Jashin invited her earlier that day. Although Yurine defends Pekora's right to be there, Jashin continues to bully her. Medusa intervenes and feeds Pekora a piece of meat and Yurine gives her some meat as well. These actions agitate Jashin, who retaliates by taking all of the meat from the hotpot and the guests' bowls and eats it all in a single gulp. Furious that all of the meat is gone, Yurine draws a large sword from her back and uses it to fille Jashin's tail. Later, Pekora tries the meat and claims that it tastes delicious. 041b061a72


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