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The refrain "if you let me play sports," spoken by young girls, leads into their answers, i.e., the positive effects playing sports has on a child's life. In less than 30 seconds, a handful of girls encapsulate the many ways sports fosters the personal qualities we attribute to a feminist ethos. "If you let me play sports," they explain:

Physical strength, not traditionally associated with girls or women, is a quality that has recently been celebrated in media representations of girls and women. From muscular roller derby women to the viral "Strong Is the New Pretty" photo series, female empowerment includes strong bodies as well as strong minds.

Title IX was enacted to make sure male and female students have equal educational opportunities, including school sports. When the policy was enacted in 1972, only 310,000 girls and young women played high school and college athletics. These days, 3.2 million high school girls compete in organized school sports.

Once when Dale was alone I had the urge to stop him as he slunk by with his battered briefcase, to tell him that it did no good to be an anarchist, but I knew he would not know what I was talking about. He would look at me as if I were the one who came to school in a tight army-green jacket and a deerstalker hat, as if I had filled a briefcase with dead birds to get attention.


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