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The Joy Luck Club (1993)

y'all are so sick for the way you talk about this movie like it's a chick flick. it's not perfect, but i feel like people are a lot more forgiving when they watch stories about white men and their tragedies, whereas movies like the joy luck club are held to the highest possible standard. any corny or dated moment is harped on to a degree that flaws in other movies wouldn't be

The Joy Luck Club (1993)

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Abstract: The paper investigates how the connection between mothers and daughters gains prominence through specific formal features in the film adaptation of The Joy Luck Club (1993). Narrative strategies (embedding and framing) and stylistic choices (size of shots, camera angle, camera movement and film music) are closely analyzed for their thematic function and significance. In the comparison between the novel and film, the essay revisits the historical argument revolving around fidelity. It provides further evidence for the inevitability of changes in the process of adaptation and urges formally oriented readings as a means to understand the relationship (particularly the difference) between literary and cinematic narrative.

Rachel Portman is a successful female film score composer known for her rich orchestral scores, many for films that can be classified as women's films. Portman has collaborated on several films with the Chinese-American film director Wayne Wang who in many of his films has explored the issues of ethnicity, identity and family relationships, particularly Chinese-American identity and the reconciliation of the traditions of the old homeland with the culture of the new-found home in America. The most well known of these films is The Joy Luck Club (1993), based on the novel of the same name written by Amy Tan in 1989. I have examined the means by which Portman's score has reinforced Wang's narrative in the use and juxtaposition of traditional Chinese music with modern American musical styles, as well as examining the women's film genre, its musical codification and Portman's style of composition. 041b061a72


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