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Pernicious 720p Torrent

One of the triumvirate of iconic '60s disembodied head movies and thematic intermediate between the heady love story of "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1962) and the neo-Nazi delirium of "They Saved Hitler's Brain" (1968), "The Frozen Dead" finds former Third Reich scientist Doktor Norberg (Dana Andrews) attempting to revive frozen members of the master race two decades after the end of the war. Unfortunately, the thawed übermensch are mentally defective and without a living human brain to study, Norberg suspects that resuscitating the rest of the Nazicles is doomed. Hoping to head off failure, his whinging assistant Essen (Alan Tilvern) kills Norberg's visiting niece's friend (Kathleen Breck), whose head the pernicious but resourceful doktor manages to keep alive in a box in the lab (complete with an cranial observation dome). The niece gets suspicious, a romance blossoms, more Nazis show up, Norberg wires up the head to a wall of just gets better and better! The movie effectively evokes a sense of trapped helplessness - you can almost feel the disembodied head's powerless anguish or the panic of the poor henchman left to freeze to death amongst the icy Nazis. While not great art, "The Frozen Dead" is a well done, low-budget shocker that deserves an extra rating point for being surprisingly creepy despite the inherent silliness of the premise.

Pernicious 720p torrent

In order to break the rules, you must first understand them. The makers of this disasterpiece were clearly playing chicken with oblivion. If anything this turkey serves as a cogent reminder that most found footage films should just remain lost. Especially this one, which runs afoul often.Why 3 stars then? Well, they managed to get the sigil of Lucifer right. Most occult films get that wrong. An upside down cross is just a St. Peter's cross. The lead actress actually had some acting chops and was awkwardly pretty in her own way. The preacher had a pernicious Jim Jones vibe which I rather enjoyed. The lead actor who plays the clueless, hapless filmmaker and looks like a pitiful cross between Rocky Dennis and Devon Sawa ought to stick with his day job though. A Samuel Beckett apothegm comes to mind: FAIL BETTER.

An evil 66-year-old boy spirit (a creepy portrayal by Daniel Cerny) with the power to bring toys to life gets awakened and searches for a new body to inhabit. Tough lady cop Judith Gray (a pleasingly feisty performance by the stunning Tracy Scoggins) and several others find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the pernicious brat. Director Peter Manoogian, working from a compact and engrossing script by David S. Goyer, relates the absorbing story at a steady pace, stages the action and attack set pieces with real skill and aplomb, treats the absurd premise with admirable seriousness, delivers a handy helping of graphic gore, and further spruces things up with a very nasty sense of wickedly amusing black humor. The solid acting by the competent cast helps a lot, with especially praiseworthy work from Bentley Mitchum as sarcastic slacker fast food delivery guy Mark Wayne, Michael Russo as ruthless scumbag criminal Lincoln, Ellen Dunning as scrappy teenage runaway Anne, and Peter Schrum as grumpy security guard Charnetski. The nifty array of killer toys adds immensely to the twisted entertainment value: a giant teddy bear (!), a robot, a jack in the box, and a foul-mouthed baby doll. Busty blonde babe Kristine Rose provides some skin as hot pin-up Miss July. Adlfo Bartoli's impressively polished cinematography makes fine use of a smoothly gliding Steadicam, boasts lots of cool tilted camera angles, and even offers a little stylized slow motion. Richard Band's shivery score does the spine-tingling trick. A really fun piece of blithely trashy junk.

Ação / Ficção / Heróis / Suspense / Terror(2018)Filme Dublado1080p 4K 720p BluRay Áudio: 10 / Vídeo: 10MKV / MP4

Ação / Ficção / Heróis / Suspense / Terror(2018)Filme 1080p 720p BluRay RemuxÁudio: 10 / Vídeo: 10MKV / MP4

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