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This early Coen Brothers outing is a notable stab at the gangster genre, although as with many nominal gangster movies the gangster material turns out to merely be the background for what is a tale of human character and motivation, of loyalty and redemption, of following and leadership, and of plenty more besides. I found this a little similar to the warring gang plotline of YOJIMBO with the visual flourishes and look of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, and of course Steve Buscemi has a cameo here too. The cast are very good, both from the big names - Finney, Byrne - and the less well known actors, Jon Polito in particular standing out. There's plenty of violence and action for those who like that stuff, but it's the double-crossing and introspection that makes this work.

The Crossing YIFY

Checking on the Manchester HOME cinema website for listings of what they would soon be screening, I found out they were hosting an online Chinese Cinema Season. Finding two obscure titles in the line-up,I got set to make the crossing.View on the film:Following the coming of age of Peipei (played by a great Yao Huang in her debut role,with Huang blending youthful enthusiasm with a naive vulnerability) as she smuggles iPhones in order to raise funds to go on holiday with her pal and see snow in Japan, debut writer/director Xue Bai & cinematographer Songri Piao keep close to Peipei with excellent, filmed on location tracking shots which take Peipei into the underworld side-streets.Separating Peipei between living in Shenzhen (a port city of China) and studying in Hong Kong, the screenplay by Bai makes things pretty clear which side of the crossing it leans on,with China keeping the long arm of the law held firm, that acts as a contrast to the crime-ridden streets of Hong Kong filled with rebellious youth.In the middle of the political element supporting the straight and narrow, Bai smuggles in under Peipei's maturing a sharp aside on consumer-driven society, with Peipei wanting something that money can't buy, (seeing snow) whilst all those around her scramble for every shiny objects, which reflects the merciless grinding machine of an economy that leaves the likes of Peipei with no where to turn to but crime,as Peipei takes the crossing.

When I saw this unknown picture on 2014 l stayed impressed by Jean Gabin made a comedy, sounds weird for me, however the duo comic Bourvil and Gabin accept a dangerous endeavor crossing on a dark Paris streets occupied by Nazi forces to delivery a four case of pork meat at black market , also they have avoid the local police, a hard time indeed, at unfolding the story Martin (Bourvil) realize that Grandgil (Jean Gabin) wasn't a wall painter that he early thought, actually is swashbuckler, due he is a famous painter, also has several funniest moments along the journey, those dogs following them by smell of the meet, the old prostitute on the way, Grandgil is a joker, trying convinces Martin selling the meat by themselves, suggesting the cases was really taken by the police, a mix of two genre black comedy and drama, delightful and well-crafted screenplay, this picture deserves my respect to be unusual and fresh, the final scene is compelling and touching, the life began again in already free France, awesome French picture!!Resume:First watch: 2014 / How many: 2 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.25

Suspenseful and intriguing disaster movie with all-star-cast and well-directed . Exciting and interesting catastrophe movie with some clichés and stereotypes , containing enjoyable performances from Burt Lancaster , Richard Harris and Sofia Loren . This disaster movie blends action , intrigue , breathtaking spectacle , suspense and emotional byplay . Cassandra crossing was a successful film that grossed at box office . The film's storyline features the potential outbreak of a deadly pneumonic plague virus on a train from an germ infected passenger and the legend of the Cassandra Crossing add to the suspense . As passengers on a European train have been exposed to a deadly disease . As a motley group of passengers are quarantined on a train destined to prevent the spread of the disease at the cost of their lives . One of them is Doctor Chamberlain (Richard Harris , though Peter O'Toole turned down the role) along with his ex-wife (Sofia Loren) . Furthermore , a suspicious priest called Haley (James Coburn turned down the role of Haley which was in the end played by 'O J Simpson') , a millionaire spouse (Ava Gardner) , her lover (Martin Sheen) , among others . The Fear Is Spreading but nobody will let them off the train . As when the train carrying plague approaches a weakened bridge the events go wrong .This is and amusing and entertaining disaster movie though has some sloppy executions . This formula intrigue movie belongs to catastrophe genre of the 70s , being the undisputed king , The towering inferno along with Earthquake , Two minutes warning , Rollercoaster , among others . Filmed at the height of the disaster genre from the 7os , this entry in the spectacular series profits of a decent acting by protagonists and overwhelming action scenes . It blends thrills , chills , shootouts , noisy action-packed , government intrigue, international smuggling , and many other things . It is a crossover in which "Outbreak" meets Under siege 2 , "The Runaway Train" and Death Train , taking parts here and there . The "Cassandra Crossing" of the film's title refers to a bridge in the movie called the Kaslindrliv Bridge, being shot in France and Italy . The architectural structure used to play this was the Viaduct of Garabit which is located in the South of France , it was built between 1881 & 1884, and was manufactured by Gustave Alexandre Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame . This moving picture which is short in realism instead we have far-fetched but moving blow up , crossfire , fighting , it should please most adventure-action buffs . The main and support cast is frankly good , it is plenty with known faces such as Ingrid Thulin , Ava Gardner , Lee Strasberg , Lionel Stander , Lou Castel , Ann Turkel, John Phillip Law , Ray Lovelock , Alida Valli and several others . Producer Carlo Ponti saw the movie as a showcase for his wife Sophia Loren . The movie also co-starred the then husband and wife actors Richard Harris and Ann Turkel, with Turkel being pregnant during principal photography . Luminous and shimmer cinematography by Ennio Guarneri . Fitted to action and stirring misical score by the great Jerry Goldsmith . This improbable motion picture was professionally directed by George Pan Cosmatos . He's a good director who got a great success with Tombstone and flops as Shadow conspiracy, Leviathan, Escape to Athena , Massacre in Rome and this Cassandra crossing was a hit at European box office . This typical epic disaster grade story will appeal to Lancaster/Harris/Loren fans . Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take , this catastrophe film still has its moments .This large-scale and lavishly produced pic attempts a spectacular atmosphere with acceptable results.

Since I refuse to dislike a movie featuring Virginia Mayo and Peter Lorre, I admit to be biased in judging "Congo crossing". Virginia Mayo at her sexiest takes the movie on her beautiful shoulders. She is perfect in the role of the gorgeous adventuress wrapped into a number of stunning dresses (not particularly suited to Africa, to be honest). Maybe a trite character, but so dear to us old-flicks-buffs. Peter Lorre, unwashed, sweat and shabby as ever, hangs about with his unclean uniform, covered by medals in the style of a South-American dictator. Needless to say, he makes a treat of his whole screen-time. The sleazy and physically scary Michael Pate is a great villain. George Nader is a nice handsome guy, unfortunately lacking of charisma. But that's not much important: Virginia has enough charisma for both.The story has some resemblance with "Casablanca". Only, here the refugees are replaced by crooks hidden in an imaginary little African state with no extradition laws. I don't know whether the movie was actually filmed in Africa. In any case, the locations are beautiful, the photography is accurate and the atmosphere is evocative. There are several old-style but well-made action scenes. In "Congo Crossing" there are also some flaws, typical of this kind of movies. A common one for that epoch: the villain is prisoner of the hero, and the hero never sleeps, until exhaustion, for fear to be attacked. Why doesn't he simply tie the bad guy overnight? Besides the intrinsic credit of Virginia's and Lorre's presence, "Congo crossing" is a pleasant, relaxing movie, especially suited to lovers of classic cinema.

This is one of the best Chinese movies that I've viewed in recent years. It doesn't feel like a dramatized movie but looks more like a documentary. All the actors in it didn't give you an impression that they were actors but the real common people who live now in China rural area, they are the real people still with kindness, generosity, sincerity like what we used to see in Chinese novels. The screeplay is very good, the director is with natural talent to paint a very plain and peaceful picture of China. The camera team also did a wonderful job to render the beautiful Chinese countryside.But this movie also make me wonder if it really likes what we've seen in China nowadays? The Chinese people still with such kindness and generosity to help strangers? The Chinese cops still treat people with kindness, patience and courtesy? Well, what we have seen recently about China is simply the opposite. Therefore, while I compliment this movie for its humanitarian purity and humanly goodness, but on the other side of the token, I have to say this movie is also quite unreal and overly exaggerated to paint a fake picture of today's China. But at the same time, by using the dialog from the old people who had been through the 10 years Culture Revolution and survived the atrocity from the Chinese Communist Party, we also feel this movie is very real and true to the core. It also uses the words from the leading old man, saying life in China is like crossing one after another border check-point, seemingly endless and deadly until you finally pass the final one of Hell. 041b061a72


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