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Samudrika Shastra: The Ancient Indian Art of Body Reading (Free PDF)

12 grah & 12 sthan.. based on this we have given the complete book to you which will tell you what to be done and what is not to be done. it is like tone totke / totke in hindi. it can be considered as vedic upchaar / ilaaj also. it is jyotish book which is equivalent to jyotish tools or astro jyotish. it does not include any tip for vastu shastra or palmistry or numerology.

samudrika shastra pdf free download

samudrik shastra tell us how is the astral condition of the planets in vedic time too. the medical science also tells us that malas which are astral influences cannot be cured quickly, it must be cured very slowly. this why some of the diseases, which are shown as fatal are not lethal. due to this medical science is more better than common science of siddhanta. it is used as a theory and also as a practical case for that medical science has to work from the ground level. it is based on the astral conditions and movements of the planets.

samudrika shastra is a treatment for the diseases. the samudrik shastra tells the astrologers to control the planets and eliminate the three malas, raktas, rahu and ketu, which are always present in a person. after doing this, if the three malas are removed from the person, then only the diseases will be cured.

a detailed study of palmistry has been provided in various books such as hath sanjeevani of hast samudrika shastra, chintan suhar shastra, rajshekar shastra. all these books contain sections on palmistry. we hope that these books will be made available to people as palmistry is still in practice in india.

samudrika shastra has detailed information related to palmistry. it includes the study of ancient indian gods. the study is mainly concerned with the features of the palm and hand of a person and the features of various parts of the body. the complete information related to the history of this book has been given in hath sanjeevani of hast samudrika shastra. the book gives guidelines on how to start a career of astrology. it also tells about features such as birth star, malefic planets in horoscope, palm, hand, head, and face.


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