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The NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU used in G3 instances requires a special NVIDIA GRID driver to enable all advanced graphics features, and 4 monitors support with resolution up to 4096x2160. You need to use an AMI with NVIDIA GRID driver pre-installed, or download and install the NVIDIA GRID driver following the AWS documentation.


Developers can get started on the F1 instance by creating an AWS account and downloading the AWS Hardware Development Kit (HDK). The HDK includes documentation on F1, internal FPGA interfaces, and compiler scripts for generating AFI. Developers can start writing their FPGA code to the documented interfaces included in the HDK to create their acceleration function. Developers can launch AWS instances with the FPGA Developer AMI. This AMI includes the development tools needed to compile and simulate the FPGA code. The Developer AMI is best run on the latest C5, M5, or R4 instances. Developers should have experience in the programming languages used for creating FPGA code (i.e. Verilog or VHDL) and an understanding of the operation they wish to accelerate.

In order to enable this feature, you must launch an HVM AMI with the appropriate drivers. The instances listed as current generation use ENA for enhanced networking. Amazon Linux AMI includes both of these drivers by default. For AMIs that do not contain these drivers, you will need to download and install the appropriate drivers based on the instance types you plan to use. You can use Linux or Windows instructions to enable Enhanced Networking in AMIs that do not include the SR-IOV driver by default. Enhanced Networking is only supported in Amazon VPC.

All Elastic IP addresses come with reverse DNS, in a standard template of the form For customers requiring custom reverse DNS settings for internet-facing applications that use IP-based mutual authentication (such as sending email from EC2 instances), you can configure the reverse DNS record of your Elastic IP address by filling out this form. Alternatively, please contact AWS Customer Support if you want AWS to delegate the management of the reverse DNS for your Elastic IPs to your authoritative DNS name servers (such as Amazon Route 53), so that you can manage your own reverse DNS PTR records to support these use-cases. Note that a corresponding forward DNS record pointing to that Elastic IP address must exist before we can create the reverse DNS record.

You will be charged standard Amazon S3 storage fees for storing your exported VM image file. You will also be charged standard S3 data transfer charges when you download the exported VM file to your on-premise virtualization environment. Finally, you will be charged standard EBS charges for storing a temporary snapshot of your EC2 instance. To minimize storage charges, delete the VM image file in S3 after downloading it to your virtualization environment.

You are asked to confirm the connection because is not yet included in your known hosts file. The CodeCommit server fingerprint is displayed as part of the verification (a9:6d:03:ed:08:42:21:be:06:e1:e0:2a:d1:75:31:5e for MD5 or 3lBlW2g5xn/NA2Ck6dyeJIrQOWvn7n8UEs56fG6ZIzQ for SHA256).

Download the toolchain manifest file arm-gnu-toolchain-arm-none-eabi-nano-abe-manifest.txt from -and-software/open-source-software/developer-tools/gnu-toolchain/downloads, into the build_newlib folder:

I hope you can help me.I am trying to create EMR cluster with hadoop and spark installed using datapipeline. The problem is this EMR is private so it does not have access to internet to download anything.In pipeline I indicate bootstrap actions to download all .jars and dependencies, including TaskRunner.jar.

The destroy method is used to immediately and permanently delete a single asset from your Cloudinary product environment (to delete multiple assets see the Admin API Delete resources method). Backed up assets are not deleted, and any assets and transformed assets already downloaded by visitors to your website might still be accessible through cached copies on the CDN.

The generate_archive method creates an archive file that contains all the assets meeting specified tag, public ID, or prefix criteria (or a combination thereof). The REST API method can be used to either return the generated archive file ('download'), store it as a raw asset in your Cloudinary product environment ('create'), or do both ('create_and_download') by setting the value of the mode parameter.

Cloudinary supports generating sprites by merging multiple images into a single large image for reducing network overhead and bypassing download limitations. The browser downloads only a single image and a CSS file that directs the browser to which part of the sprite to use for displaying each contained image. The sprite method creates a sprite from all images that have been assigned a specified tag or from a list of image URLs. The process produces 2 files as follows:

Yes. The Coast Money Manager app must be stored on the device, however, once you download and sign into the app the first time, then the next time you only need to click on the Coast Money Manager button in Cal Coast Mobile to access Coast Money Manager.

These gloves are amazing quality and seem perfect for the UK winter so far. Very well designed for ease of use with index and thumb fingers and the magnets work very well to keep them pinned back. Would highly recommend and worth every penny more than the amazon equivalents.

To submit your request electronically, go to and search for installment agreement. To submit your request by mail, go to to download and print form FTB 3567 or call 800-338-0505, and follow the recorded instructions. Enter code 949 when instructed. Mail the completed form to the FTB at the address shown on the form.

If you are hosting your Dataverse installation on an AWS EC2 instance alongside storage in S3, it is possible to use IAM Roles insteadof the credentials file (the file at /.aws/credentials mentioned below). Please note that you will still need the/.aws/config file to specify the region. For more information on this option, see -roles-for-amazon-ec2.html

Optionally, you can have users download files from S3 directly rather than having files pass from S3 through Payara to your users. To accomplish this, set to true like this:

The basic analytics configuration above tracks page navigation. However, it does not capture potentially interesting events, such as those from users clicking buttons on pages, that do not result in a new page opening. In a Dataverse installation, these events include file downloads, requesting access to restricted data, exporting metadata, social media sharing, requesting citation text, launching external tools, contacting authors, and launching computations.

This JVM option is used to configure the path where all the language specific property files are to be stored. If this option is set then the English property file must be present in the path along with any other language property file. You can download language property files from -language-packs

By default, download URLs to files will be included in JSON-LD output. To prevent these URLs from being included in the output, set dataverse.files.hide-schema-dot-org-download-urls to true as in the example below.

To facilitate large file upload and download, the Dataverse Software installer bumps the Payara setting from its default 900 seconds (15 minutes) to 1800 (30 minutes). Should you wish to shorten or lengthen this window, issue for example:

Creates a temporary SQL table from the specified sql_query.Runs multiple SELECT SQL queries on the temporary table concurrently for parallel ingestion, then drops the table.Be sure to start the h2o.jar in the terminal with your downloaded JDBC driver in the classpath:

Assumes that the SQL table is not being updated and is stable.Runs multiple SELECT SQL queries concurrently for parallel ingestion.Be sure to start the h2o.jar in the terminal with your downloaded JDBC driver in the classpath: 041b061a72


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