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Where To Buy Bitspower

I said it on twitter but life can be pretty shitty but this new Blues Lawyer album is NOT! What a delight!!!!!! Truly love it. They weren't totally on my radar until this album but it's one of those spinning wheel of pop genres records where every track is a new stop on the wheel and you don't know if it'll be a jangly pop thing or a Smithsy ballad or something else altogether. Again, a delight!

where to buy bitspower

An amazing kind of experimental haunting pop music record. Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century was a bit out of nowhere for me so it landed really, really hard. This is one of those albums that I will circle back on again and again because it\u2019s got an amazing mix of listenable art-pop vibes but with a ton of depth that repeat listens will continue to open up. I love this album; another year-ender for sure.

There\u2019s something to be said for an EP\u2019s worth of comfy, catchy indie-pop. Opener \u201CAll The Time and Everywhere\u201D feels like it sits somewhere between Voxtrot\u2019s scrappy EPs and their polished full-length. Boppy, poppy and fizzy with the right pinch of melancholy. The band\u2019s jazz-based past shows up a little in the skitter of \u201CRun Me Over\u201D and lends a nice swing to their sound. All five songs feel juuuuuuuust right to me so I\u2019ve been spinning this one a lot!

I think I first came across this band in a Mitch Clem comic years ago, where they are mentioned alongside Sass Dragons, Dillinger Four, The Ergs, Municipal Waste and others. Not that those bands would give you an idea of Statues\u2019 sound, but it was meant as a \u201Cthere\u2019s a lot of different kind of punk rock you can listen to!\u201D Statues are the kind of power-pop indebted punk that I am always looking for more of. Not sure why it took me this long to finally press play.

No idea where this band was in regards to my radar in 2012, because I would have been all over their stuff back then. Some of the best gruff but poppy orgcore style throwback punk/emo that I\u2019ve heard in years; I can\u2019t stop listening to their 2 full-lengths and 1 EP these days. Not sure they ever toured near here, but can\u2019t believe I missed the opportunity to sing along to these sweaty barn burners at some beer-soaked local show. 041b061a72


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