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Which Nintendo Switch Should I Buy ((TOP))

The classic Switch sticks around at $300, which right now seems absurd. The OLED Switch is absolutely the one you should get instead, but sales could change the equation. We don't see any Switch sales now, but if that original version were to get bundled with included games or a drop in price (provided it's the V2 revision in 2019 with longer battery life), it could be worth picking up for the savings over the OLED model. When docked with a TV, the experience will feel exactly the same. Needless to say, if you only play in docked mode, treating the Switch as a permanently anchored living room console, this is the one to get.

which nintendo switch should i buy

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You can read our in-depth hardware review for the Nintendo Switch OLED model which should help you decide if the upgrade is worth your hard earned dough or not, but in this guide we offer several scenarios and our advice to help you decide whether to buy the new Switch or stick with the one you've got.

@gaga64 Yeah, this is the only situation where I would think handheld is really the primary use case over the last year or so. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just seems odd to me that they wanna push a new version of the switch that is an upgrade almost entirely for the handheld demographic when the world is still up in flames, thus leading me to think that not a huge proportion of people would get that much use out of the new model's features. Perhaps its something the nintendolife staff could poll in a later article (wink wink).

@zapswitch Switch Pro? This is it folks. Nintendo might, and I say might, bring out a dock which allows 4K to the TV but other than that I would be surprised if a more powerful Switch is seen in the next 2 years if ever.

There are different numbers being thrown out there. Usually when you see 1 ms for LCD it's in relation to grey to grey pixel response time. OLEDs are definitely faster with pixel transitions than LCD. The whole panel for OLED usually refreshes in 2 ms versus LCD which will usually take at least 4-5 ms with all colors. This is different than display lag which is the time for a display to take the image. A gaming LCD should be comparable to OLED in display lag and this is usually around 10 ms for good monitors.

We don't care much about Black Friday, because when it comes to saving money, we've got you covered - all year round. If you travel a lot, but still want to connect your TV every now and then for a better gaming experience, you should stick with the original switch, because only this has a corresponding connection for the controller. 041b061a72


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